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Epson LS11000 vs LS12000 Comparison

posted Thursday, April 14, 2022

Overview We did our setup routine to show both the LS11000 and LS12000 on screen at the same time, in a flipped, split screen format to show the same content in a mirror image in the center of the screen. We used a 110” diagonal, 16x9 format Stewart StudioTek 130 G4 screen with the 4” Velux Deluxe...
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AWOL LTV-2500 Review and First Impressions

posted Tuesday, March 15, 2022

As we said in our AWOL Vision LTV-3500 First Impressions article, we noted that AWOL Vision seeks to rebel against the status quo of the projection world and with their latest UST projector they’ve sent us for review, The LTV-2500, they appear to be continuing to still do just that. These guys may...
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Epson LS11000: Epson's New 4K Home Theater Projector

posted Monday, March 14, 2022

Designed to transform virtually any room into the ultimate 4K home theater experience, the Epson LS11000 could be the best home cinema projector Epson has ever produced. This new 4K Projector utilizes a laser light source with up to 2,500 lumens of brightness and brand new pixel shifting...
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LG HU715Q Ultra Short Throw Projector First Look

posted Friday, March 4, 2022

See why the LG HU715Q CineBeam UST is the catch of the day in this first look video and projector review. This new 2500 lumen ultra short throw projector is one of the top laser TVs in it's price range; Brian, our projection expert explains why.
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AWOL LTV-3500 Ultra Short Throw Projector

posted Friday, February 18, 2022

AWOL Vision seeks to rebel against the status quo of the projection world and with this UST projector they’re doing just that. These guys may be new to the projector industry but not new to product development. We’ve worked with the founders and engineers at this company and they are the real...
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Epson LS12000: The Most Advanced 4K Laser Cinema Projector From Epson

posted Tuesday, February 15, 2022

UPDATE: Epson Releases Their Most Advanced 4K Laser Projector to Date. The Epson LS12000 Introducing the newest Epson Pro Cinema Projectors the Epson LS12000. We heard it was going to be released and we were right! (As we usually are.)  The Epson engineering team tasked with building the next...
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